Lema'an – is a nonprofit Voluntary association whose dedicated aim is to enable people with special needs to find useful work in an enviroment where they can maintain as "normal" way of life as possible, through the recycling of computers, domestic  electrical devices and other electronics. Our work targets 3 main goals:

Self-improvement – to give equal opportunity to people with special needs to succeed in a work enviroment, helping them attain a "normal" life in the community.

Community – to encourage voluntary activity among the youngest in our community.

Environment – in doing the above, to help take care of our planet by reducing the amount of electronic trash sent to landfill when it can be recycled.

weather you are an indevidual or a business, we believe everyone, whatever thier background, can help protect the planet by directing their electronic waste to us for recycling, at the same time providing satisfying work for our special needs staff. We are able to arrange collection from anywhere in Israel.

If you would like to donate electronic waste to us, or make a much-apppreciated financial contribution which would greatly assist our work,
please contact us on +972(0
)4 6252385 or by email at eyad@lemaan.org.il 

Thank you for your time and enjoy our web site!


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